A Love Story


A Love Story. Bella Rolland plays a writer who decides she must start living the Great American Novel if she wants to write it. Bella is then seen meeting Scarlett Hampton while leaning against her car and drinking a coffee. Scarlet asks her if she has a light but Bella doesn’t smoke and Scarlett wants to quit anyway so it kind works out for the best. They talk a bit as Scarlet flirts with Bella who offers her a place to crash and a ride home in exchange for keeping the house clean and cooking . They come inside and get settled a bit when Bella gets out her computer to work on her novel. She is a bit embarrassed by it as Scarlet starts asking about it. Scarlet prefers romance stories but that isn’t really Bella’s style. Bella gets upset when Scarlett tells her that maybe she needs leave her comfort zone if she wants to write the way she wants to write. She suggests that maybe she should try writing about love. Later, Bella is dealing with writer’s block and Scarlett tries to help as she slowly seduces her before leaning in for a kiss. The slow passion burn begins as she leaves for the evening, leaving Bella alone with her thoughts.. The next say, while laying in bed together, Bella tells her about her book and the characters sound exactly like the two of them as they begin to sensuously kiss. Bella works her way down Scarlett’s body after this and starts to rub and lick her pussy while making intimate eye contact. Scarlett gets to taste and tease her boss after this as Bella dirty talks. Tribbing, facesitting, dirty talk, rolled back eyes and toe curling orgasms follow before the fall back into each others arms at the end before Scarlett breaks Bella’s heart when she tells her she’s leaving..

Release Year: 2022