Anal Made In Russia


Anal Made In Russia

The beautiful Aurelly Rebel looks hot and sexy on her green dress as she attended a ballroom

session together with her friends. You can see how different Aurelly Rebels beauty is with or

without makeup. She looks more mature on this getup that is why she is a head turner on that

event. But every time she drank a little she is targeting a handsome guy at the event. His name is

Renato and just like here on this video she lures out this hunk on her bedroom.

Both of them bought a bottle of champagne and decided to bring it inside. They wanted a few shots

of wine before the much awaited one night stand that both are honestly looking for. Who wouldnt

deny a booty call invitation from this gorgeous brunette Aurelly Rebel? No one! Lucky guy already

pours out the glass with champagne for both to drink. Aida Sweet however, cant resist the hotness

of this guy named Renato and her own horniness. They both started kissing passionately with their

hands roaming all over their body.

The beautiful Aurelly Rebel started the first move by unzipping her partners pants. She started to

slurp down with that thick big cock on her kissable lips and her talented mouth. She proceeds on

sucking that hard down into her throat. You can see how hungry she is to please another mans

dick with her amazing wet blowjob. We love seeing her doing this in POV action. Every man would

love to see her kneeling down in front of them, especially with a beauty like Aurelly.

The lucky guy didnt waste time after the blowjob. He gives her a quick lick and finger on her pussy

making it wet. The best thing about that is he let her suck on his fingers like a real cock, letting her

taste her own delicious pussy juice. Soon it gets wilder and wilder as she goes on top and starts

riding that big cock like a hungry whore. Watch her glorious tight hole getting stretch with that big fat

cock drilling in close up.

You will enjoy the view of her sexy body especially her firm boobs and hard nipples. She gyrates up

and down on her partner while she kisses him passionately. Watch her goes hard on top as you can

see her pussy getting wet in the process while her partner fingers her asshole. Hear Aurelly Rebels

moans getting louder as she loves every fuck she get with those fingers and her partners huge

cock. The screams doesnt stop right there as they continued fucking in doggystyle position. You

can see her naughty smiles once she gets slapped on her plump ass cheeks while getting screwed

hard on that position.

Aurelly Rebel really likes getting pleasure on her asshole. Every time the guy started to do it you

can see how satisfied she is especially when her pussy gets wet. The thing here is that her partner

is preparing for something special. He surprises her by inserting his thing on her tight asshole. You

can see how she loves every second of anal fuck she is getting and she couldnt wait to give back.

Aurelly Rebel immediately grabbed the guys cock and started to suck it in deepthroat making it


The anal session doesnt end from there as they continue their raunchy hardcore sex session. You

can see how her gaping hole getting slippery and wet as time goes by. Watch in closeup shot as

her tight butthole is already dripping wet. They changed their position to reverse cowgirl for the

benefit of the camera. You will be amaze on how perfect her body is and how luscious her goodies

are. Both finish their session as the guy explodes a lot of jizz deep inside her butt and it oozes out

in close up in front of the camera.

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