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    P.O.V. Pantyhose Sex 4


    P.O.V. Pantyhose Sex #4
    This one starts with hot Ava Devine giving JB a BJ as she talks dirty in her short skirt with shiny brown PH and open toe slides! Taking off her heels she gives him a foot job for a bit as well and slides her legs up and down his cock. Taking the camera Ava shoots JB as he gives her head thru her hose then rips them open to continue before he fucks her for a while. They 69 for a bit then she rides him till he cums on her feet and legs! Next is Misty in shiny suntan PH, bra and pumps! She models for a bit then slides JB’s cock on her large boobs and PH legs before she gives him a foot job and hand job till he cums on her PH leg! Next is Brandi in a black sheer dress with black open toe platforms and black lace top stockings over her shiny brown PH. Soon JB is kissing her legs and she gives him a BJ as well as a foot job. Taking off the thigh highs she blows him again till he cums as she slides the nylon over his cock. Next is Lisa in shiny suntan PH and a short skirt. She teases JB as he kisses her legs and slides his cock on her PH ass and gives him a foot job before stroking him with her nylonned thighs. Next she straddles him and rubs her cotton panel all over his face before jacking him with her feet some more and sliding her PH all over his cock. Finally she uses her and till he cums all over her crossed legs!

    Ava Devine,Brandi,Lisa,Misty / JB Video / / 2005

    Pornstars: Ava Devine, Brandi, Lisa, Misty
    Release Year: 2005
    Studio: JB Video