Anal Vision 21


First in Bridge of Size, when Gerry goes exploring down by the river, he’s hardly prepared for the shadowy woman who follows his every move. when she finally makes her play, it’s right towards his massive cock, and he reciprocates by slamming it into her. Next in Risky Business, pretty Ms. Cartwright gets hit on quite often from her boss Mr. Black, so this time she’s ready for his tricks – using her video camera to record the dirty deed! Her hidden lens catches all his lecherous action as he gives it to her hard in every hole. Finally, in Maid to Order, Lacy’s not the best housekeeper around – however, she does have a nice round butt! And she’s not adverse to letting the master of the house use it for his pleasure, as long as he gives it to her hard! Where do you find girls like these? In Anal Vision of course!

Date: June 11, 2018

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