Hairy In America 4


America: where twilling wool is a national pastime!
All-natural girls with hairy pussies find it hard to understand why so many girls shave off all their natural pussy hair off. Our hairy gals are into guys who appreciate their complete and honest natural and wholesomeness.

Nadine Sage is a naturalist who believes in being naked as much as she can. She is a super cute and pretty brunette with a baby face and puffy round tits. She is only 19 with a clef chin, soft lips and perfect teeth. Her pussy hair is long and lush on top with a large amount of young grass starting to populate her vaginal sidewalls. Her panties get swallowed up inside of her hairy hole before she takes them off, lays back, spreads her hole and lets our guy lick its fresh juices. He gobbles her hairy gash before stuffing this youngster full of his fat pipe. He pile drives her on the sofa, plays with her pubes, and finally sprays his spunk across her grassy knoll. She wipes the cum up a bit and then changes into her tiny panties like nothing ever happened.

Tinslee is a super exotic and hairy young thing. She is sitting on the sofa looking at her husband’s computer and wondering why all the girls he is looking at are shaven. Her bush is thick and curly and her tits are small and natural. She grabs some scissors and decides to cut her own bush too in order to be more attractive to her husband. He comes home and catches her before she trims even one strand. He convinces her to leave it and never ever shave it. He eats her hairy hole and she sucks his fat cock. She lays back and he splits her wooly mammoth in two, pulling on her twill and pumping her full of cock. Her ass is a virgin but tonight her hubby gets lucky and gets to stuff it for the first time. She likes it a lot and asks him to drop his thick seed all over her curly pubes. She sucks the rest up and rubs all the remnants into her bush. She showers and wonders where shaved chicks put on the cum they receive.

Veronica Snow is a very pretty MILF with a really nice bush. It is overflowing and escaping from the confines of her underwear. It is popping out everywhere and growing down her legs too. She conditions it so it stays soft and smells good too. Her meaty pussy lips peep through the wool and she loves to pull and tug her pubic hairs too. She changes clothes and panties too and then lays back to get her pubes groomed. Her hairs stand up on end before they get flattened by our guys face and cock as it crams in and out of her. She is a nasty MILF with no restraints and loves to fuck. She can cum over and over again, do PTM and even groom while fucking. She lays back and takes a cum splattering all over her massive bush and hairy box.

Aaliyah Avatari is one of the more interesting hairy models we have ever encountered. Her skin is white and pasty , her nipples large and perky and her hair is light red; both upstairs and downstairs too. Her fire bush is long and natural and hungry for cock. Her pubic trail leads all the way to her belly button as well as all over the inside of her thighs too. Our guy watches her play with her furry monster before cramming her mouth with his cock, fucking her tits and then stuffing her young hairy cunt full of his cock. With his cock in her hole her sticks his thumb up her ass and slaps her butt cheeks hard. He pulls her hair and pumps her hard before giving her his balls and cock to play with her mouth. PTM and several orgasms later, this fire crotched whore gets cum coated up and down her hairy bush. The red hair with the white jizz on top is picture perfect.

Date: November 2, 2018

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