Pregnant & Pounded 2


Daddy is the daddy and the grandfather at the same time!
Daddy’s Not Home… But My Brother Is!

Dear Diary: My big brother has been getting pretty close lately and the other day the most amazing thing happened. My pregnant hormones were raging so bad and I needed some kind of release. Daddy was working but my brother was eager to please. It was hard to get his massive cock in my mouth but I still managed. He got behind me and his cock filled my pussy. I’m not sure how many orgasms I had but damn my brother blows a huge load. I can’t wait til the next time daddy’s not home. Logan.

Pregnant Girl Really Loves Her Uncle

Dear Diary: I am going crazy or something in my last trimester. While mom and auntie were out, something strange came over me and I came on to my Uncle. He was surprisingly receptive and reassured me with a deep kiss on my lips. Soon I was sucking his cock right there on my aunt’s couch. I was so into Uncle Drew I didn’t care and begged him to fuck me. He did things to me I’ve never experienced and after I got off a few times he exploded all over my tits. Xo Kaylie.

Look Daddy I’m Pregnant

Dearest Mina: I know it’s been a few months since I’ve written but things got pretty crazy here. My desires had gotten the better of me and I began to fuck Daddy regularly. Needless to say I wound up pregnant. After I couldn’t hide it anymore I decided I had to tell Daddy what was going on. I sat on his bed and explained everything. The idea of fucking his pregnant daughter got his cock throbbing pretty quick. Daddy fucked me hard and we both came hard. Now I have to tell my mom! Love Tara.

Added on: September 19, 2019