Set Up For Success


Set Up For Success. Haley Reed and Jenna Sativa talk about the environment and what they can do for the future of the planet. Haley suggests that they start composting and also think of other ways to be more eco-friendly. Later, while trying to decide who should get into the shower first, they realize that they can save water if they take a bath together. Being eco-friendly can be responsible AND fun! Bella Rolland is getting ready for her blind date when her roommate, Kenna James, checks in on her. The thing is: Kenna ALSO has a blind date that night! This makes them both excited as they compliment each other’s cute outfits. Later, Bella and Kenna both arrive separately at the same cafe, waiting for their dates but it seems like they’re EACH OTHER’s dates! Three friends – Elena Koshka, Charlotte Stokely, and Aidra Fox – have just had dinner together. As they chat, Charlotte and Aidra get into an argument about who is the better lover. An idea is proposed to settle who is the better lover: Aidra and Charlotte will both go under the table and take turns eating Elena out, who will then decide who did it better..

Release Year: 2022
Studio: Girlsway
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